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" I tightlipped, pulled a panic." She volunteered to do this meal the Last Supper, sadly she did not know. Only for a change in her very surprised. Street light is really dark, invisible to increase the fear of heart . "Tired you sleep well, I'm sorry," I said to the bow. "There is something to eat?" She asked did not answer, did not dare look me carried away. My thoughts intricate, folded hands, I sat next to the girl, thought or said:? "Such a thing is not, or we go to the police to see it maybe they can help busy, know your identity, You may also be able to find your family - "" no, I do not go! "the girl refuses to very decisive, not just askew innocent lovely face, even in her chin trembling. I shoved the girl remembered the room, I covered a small two mouth hissed, for fear of waking the girl motioned small two back obediently go back to the kennel. I ran into the bathroom wet a towel, would like to help her clean her face.

" The kits packed, I wander out, the girl behind me: "! Hey," I was shocked, hands medicine cabinet almost fell to the ground, turned around:? "Call me what I do is when also called fed? " "I'm sorry. Items frame an entire column to several convenience stores around the world, in which we shuttle, looking for what they need. The last phase with each other and smile, much less the moment the gap between us. "You should also remember, ah, the ninth day of the night you pour on the road, I passed, I bring you back," she blankly watching I do not know if I have the impression." "There is no comparison what taboos food"?? In addition - bitter, the other can." Once again, I feared happened, no other girl finished sudden headache again up, almost too uncomfortable to squat down. "Come, sit down. Cheap NFL Jerseys " "Really?" I can not but keep your underwear to discuss, especially when in the kitchen? Fortunately, she has turned the end of the topic just below the bag things, wondering, he said: "how are bags with canned goods, not what to buy food.

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